About Us

Culinery Spice is a well-established brand of food products preferred for their distinctive flavor and trusted for absolute commitment to quality.


Culinery Spice (India) Pvt. Ltd. is a fully automated cereals processing unit located at Orkkatteri in Kozhikode District, Kerala. Ajmi Flour Mills is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company known for its absolute commitment to Quality, currently engaged in producing a variety of breakfast cereals for the domestic market as well as for countries belonging to the Gulf Cooperation Council.


Culinery Spice uses sophisticated machinery for high volume processing and packaging of food products. Impeccable hygiene is maintained across the manufacturing plant, and human intervention is minimal. Various checkpoints along the process line ensure absolute quality of the end products. Ultra modern packaging materials and technologies are used to ensure longer shelf life.


Culinery Spice has a network of distributors across Kerala, and its products are available at most upmarket stores in the State. The company has also started foraying into neighbouring states, and its products are now adorn shelves at super markets in major metros in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Culinery Spice products are also exported in large volumes to various countries in the Middle East.